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Partnership with Ultramarine & Pigments LTD

Dear customers, we are pleased to announce that we now represent Ultramarine & Pigments Ltd, a company specialising in the production of high-quality ultramarine pigments.

blue wall, paint made of ultramarine pigments

ULTRAMARINE & PIGMENTS LTD : Advanced colour solutions for a variety of industrial applications

This new partnership enables us to offer cutting-edge colour solutions for a variety of industrial applications. As a manufacturer of high quality products, Ultramarine & Pigments Ltd is able to tailor its pigments to meet your specific needs, adapting shade, strength, sulphur content and many other parameters.

Founded in 1960, Ultramarine & Pigments Ltd is one of the world’s leading producers of high-quality, non-toxic and environmentally friendly inorganic pigments: ultramarine blue and violet, bismuth vanadate. Their different ranges are suitable for plastics, paints and inks, as well as cosmetics.

Find the pigment you need and don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about Ultramarine & Pigments Ltd‘s products and how these ultramarine pigments can enhance and strengthen your products!