Acrylate oligomers

Shin-A T&C has developed a range of acrylate oligomers for UV curing coatings and a range of epoxy resins for the composites and adhesives markets. Thanks to the quality of its products, Shin-A has become renowned in the electrical and electronical sectors.

golden honeylike paste resembling acrylate oligomers

For UV-curing systems, Shin-A T&C offers the following ranges of acrylate oligomers:

  • SUO : a range of urethane acrylates, tin free. Some grades offer NCO or OH functionalities for dual-cure applications.
  • SUO-S : a range of silicone acrylate urethanes for the improvement of surface properties.
  • SUO-H : a range of polybutadiene urethane acrylates to improve the thermal resistance and hydrophobicity of the coating.
  • SEA : Epoxy acrylate range including some with epoxy functionality for fast and easy curing.
  • SFA : range of low refractive index urethane acrylates.
  • SHO : range of high refractive index urethane acrylate .
  • ST/ST-AC : range of polythiol ethers for epoxy resins or acrylate resins – It will help cross-linking while improving the mechanical resistance and chemical stability of formulations.

For water-based coatings:

  • SEW, a range of flexible epoxy resin dispersions or emulsions for use in waterborne coatings.