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Acrylate oligomers

Shin-A T&C has developed a range of acrylate oligomers for UV curing coatings and a range of epoxy resins for the composites and adhesives markets.

Range of acrylate oligomers for UV curing inks:

  • SUO: a range of flexible urethane acrylates with excellent flexibility, elasticity and adhesion properties on all types of substrates.
  • SUO-4130TF : tin-free acrylate urethane, with excellent adhesion to metal foils and inkjet compatibility.
  • SUO-S : a range of silicone acrylate urethanes for the improvement of surface properties.
  • SEA-150  : low-viscosity phenyl epoxy acrylate with good flexibility.
  • ST/ST-AC: range of polythiol ethers for epoxy or acrylate resins to promote cross-linking while improving the mechanical strength and chemical stability of formulations.