Acrylate oligomers and epoxy resins

An industry leader, the Korean company Shin-A T&C offers the following ranges of acrylate oligomers and epoxy resins for sealant and adhesive applications:

  • SE : Epoxy resins of different types such as BPA, GMP or hybrid resins for the formulation of high-performance, low-viscosity adhesives.
  • SUO : Urethane acrylate-based oligomers with NCO or OH functionalities for use in dual-cure adhesives.
  • SEA : Epoxy acrylate range including some with epoxy functionality for fast and easy curing.

For composites:

  • SEN/XEN, a range of doped and undoped flame-retardant epoxy resins.
  • SEV/SET, a range of multifunctional epoxy resins with high Tg for temperature resistance.