Antifoam, wetting and dispersing agents

German company Schwegmann develops and produces additives of exceptional quality, for all kinds of coatings : Water-based, solvent-based or High Solid systems.

  • The Schwego Eco range is a series of bio-based antifoams, wetting agents, and dispersants.
  • Schwego Foam and Blister Free provide anti-foam and anti-blister properties.
  • Schwego Wett are excellent wetting and dispersing agents.
  • Schwego Fluor is recommended for substrate wetting.
  • Schwego Flow improves flow and levelling.
  • Schwego Mar provides anti-friction and slip properties.
  • Schwego Corrit and Korrodur are liquid anti-corrosion additives.
  • Schwego Flash Inhibitor are anti-flash rust agents.
  • Gel Prevent are multifunctional additives.
  • Schwego Antimec are anti-skinning agents.
  • Schwego Matt are silica-based additives designed to enhance matting in your coatings.