English company Glassflake specialises in the production of lamellar borosilicates using a unique, innovative process. Glassflakes can be used to reinforce a wide range of plastics, including food packaging and high-performance plastics for the medical, electronics and automotive sectors.

  • The different Glassflakes are characterised by their particle size and thickness. They provide properties such as :
  • physico-chemical resistance,
  • barrier effect to steam and gases,
  • thermal properties, fire resistance,
  • mechanical properties,
  • warpage reduction, dimension stability improvement …
  • The Glassflake ECR (Extra Chemical Resistant) range, with a thickness of 1 to 5 microns and available in 3 particle sizes, has excellent chemical resistance.
  • Glassflakes type E, with a low alkali content, are recommended to reinforce plastics.