Hydrolised proteins

Kelisema, an Italian company, specialises in the development and production of hydrolysed proteins, mainly of botanical origin and from renewable sources. They can be used in cleaning products, such as laundry care products and hand dishwashing detergents for sensitive skin.

Kelisema’s hydrolysed proteins are produced by enzymatic hydrolysis, without the use of solvents. In liquid or powder form, hydrolysed proteins can be used in your Ecolabel and Ecocert formulas.

  • Hydrolysed proteins from wheat (Kelyamin), millet (Kelimillet) and rice (Orysol) provide a foam-boosting effect, while also reducing skin irritation caused by surfactants.
  • Some hydrolysed proteins such as Keliwool, a hydrolysed keratin protein, and Kelyamin can also be used in liquid detergents for wool. They increase softness and strengthen the fiber.