Hydrolysed proteins

Kelisema is an Italian company specialising in the production of hydrolysed proteins, mainly of botanical origin and from renewable sources Active ingredients for cosmetic applications as well as skin and hair care products, hydrolysed proteins can be used in COSMOS and ECOLABEL formulas. They are produced by enzymatic hydrolysis, without any solvents.

Kelisema offers hydrolysed proteins from botanical sources such as organic hemp, organic moringa, peas, sesame, corn and wheat. . With their low molecular weight, these hydrolysed proteins are ideal for your body and hair care products:

  • Reduced surfactants’ aggressiveness,
  • Hair protection,
  • Structuring effect.

Hydrolysed proteins from botanical sources with a medium molecular weight, such as cotton, rice, pumpkin, etc., are recommended for cosmetic products as well as body and hair care products:

  • moisturising properties
  • film-forming effect
  • skin and hair protection.

Kelisema also offers a range of hydrolysed proteins derived from flours such as oats, millet, amaranth, etc.