Lamellar structured borosilicates

British company Glassflake specialises in the production of lamellar structured borosilicates using a unique innovative process. Glassflake product ranges are characterised by their particle size and thickness.

  • The Glassflake ECR (Extra Chemical Resistant) range enhances corrosion resistance and chemical resistance. Originally developed for coatings, Glassflakes ECR, with a thickness of 1 to 5 microns and available in 3 particle sizes, strongly improve performance.
  • The Glassflake Type C range provides chemical resistance, anti-corrosion performance and barrier properties at a lower cost.
  • The Glassflake Type E range, made from electrical grade glass, is specially formulated for applications such as composite and polymer.
  • The Nanoflake range, with a thickness of 100nm to 750nm and various particle sizes, is recommended for thin coats.
  • The Agflake range, borosilicates coated with silver, improves conductivity at a lower cost than metallic fillers.