UV Stabilisers and antioxidants

Taiwanese company Everlight Chemical offers an exceptional range of light stabilisers, UV absorbers and antioxidants to protect polymers from light and thermal degradation, in order to avoid defects like yellowing, cracking and loss of mechanical strength.

lounge chairs on which the sun reflects. the white paint, made of high quality UV stabilisers and anitoxidants, does not fade with time.
  • Eversorb® : Range of UV absorbers and light stabilizers  : Benzotriazole, Triazine, HALS, NOR-HALS, NCOR-HALS and optimised blends to improve light stability,
  • Eversorb® 43 : High-performance Triazine-based UV absorber to protect polyolefins,
  • Eversorb® 991 : Prevents from forming defaults after moulding of transparent polyolefins. High compatibility, FDA approved,
  • Eversorb® 990 : Prevents degradation of polyethylene film for greenhouses,
  • Eversorb® PA3 : Prevents degradation and enhances polyamide durability,
  • Eversorb® SC1 : Brings excellent photo-stability to polymers such as PS, ABS and SAN,
  • Eversorb® VL2 : Fully protects white PVC,
  • Eversorb® 63 : Flame retardant booster in polyolefin – superior light and thermal stability.
  • EverAox® : range of antioxidants for masterbatches, sealants and adhesives