Light stabilisers, UV absorbers and antioxydants

Taiwanese company Everlight Chemical offers an exceptional range of light stabilisers, UV absorbers and anti-oxidants to protect polymers from light and thermal degradation, in order to avoid defects like yellowing, cracking and loss of mechanical strength.

  • Eversorb® : Range of UV absorbers and light stabilizers : Benzotriazole, Triazine, HALS, NOR-HALS, NCOR-HALS and optimised blends to improve light stability,
  • Eversorb® 43 : High-performance Triazine-based UV absorber to protect polyolefins,
  • Eversorb® 991 : Prevents from forming defaults after moulding of transparent polyolefins. High compatibility, FDA approved,
  • Eversorb® 990 : Prevents degradation of polyethylene film for greenhouses,
  • Eversorb® PA3 : Enhances polyamide durability,
  • Eversorb® SC1 : Brings an excellent photo-stability to polymers such as PS, ABS and SAN,
  • Eversorb® VL2 : Fully protects white PVC,
  • Eversorb® 63 : Flame retardant booster in polyolefin – superior light and thermal stability.
  • EverAox® : range of antioxidants for masterbatches, sealants and adhesives