Purified clay thickeners

Chinese company FCC specialises in the manufacturing of rheological agents made of natural and modified clays, for all types of cleaning products, cosmetics and coatings.

natural clay
  • Supbents are a range of purified natural clays providing excellent anti-sagging properties and viscosity. They help suspend abrasive fillers in all types of home-care products: oven cleaners, surface cleaners, etc.
  • Supbent MP is a very pure grade with a very fine particle size (non-nano), highly efficient to produce clear gels. Specifically, it can be used in window cleaners.

Supbents are suitable for use in Ecolabel formulas.

  • FRGELs are organoclays used as rheological additives in all solvent-based systems. They are used to produce gels with excellent anti-sagging properties.