Rheological additives based on natural clay

Since 1958, Chinese company FCC has specialised in the research, development and manufacturing of rheological additives based on natural and modified clays

coloured paints made from rheological agents

For water-based systems:

  • Supbent : purified natural clays, modified or unmodified, providing excellent anti-sagging and anti-sedimentation properties in your paints, fillers, plasters and cements. They stabilise emulsions and pigment pastes.
  • Les SupbentMP: a very pure grade with a very fine particle size (non-nano) to produce clear gels.
  • In construction products, Supbent will increase open time and ease of application.
  • The Supbent range can be used in ECOLABEL formulas.

For solvent-based systems:

  • FRGEL: organoclays used as rheological additives in paints, inks, gelcoats, greases, etc. Easy to use, they provide excellent anti-sagging and anti-sedimentation properties for your low- to high-polarity solvent-based systems, high solid formulations and unsaturated polyester based systems.
  • FRGELHMPhave been specifically developed to improve the anti-sagging properties of gelcoats, vinyl ester resins, high solid and solvent-free epoxy based systems.