Rheological additives

Arkema’s range of rheological additives CRAYVALLAC® provides coatings with excellent anti-settling and anti-sagging properties, while maintaining ease of application and good levelling thanks to their thixotropic behaviour. CRAYVALLACs® can be used in all types of coatings, whether in solvent, high solid or solvent-free systems.

  • CRAYVALLAC® Antisettle CVP, MT and SF,  in powder form, based on biosourced hydrogenated castor oil only or modified with a polyamide wax,
  • CRAYVALLAC® Super, Extra, Ultra, Optima and LV, based on polyamide wax,
  • Crayvallac® REV, based on polyamide wax, exceptionnal efficiency and easy to use,
  • Crayvallac® PA3X20, PA3XAF20, PA3BA20, PA4X20, PA4BA20, pre-activated polyamide wax-based pastes, easy to incorporate.

Due to their chemical nature, CRAYVALLAC® products (hydrogenated castor oil and/or polyamide) have a bio-sourced content of over 80%.

  • Crayvallac® LA-150, LA-250 : rheological additives in liquid form based on urethane-modified urea. Easy to introduce in post-addition, they improve the anti-sedimentation and anti-sagging properties of all your solvent-based coating systems.
  • Crayvallac® LA-377 : (LiCl-free), in liquid form for waterborne systems, also offers excellent anti-settling and anti-settling properties.