Surface modifiers

Arkema offers a wide range of additives to improve the performance of your systems, whether you are working in water-based, solvent-based, high solid or solvent-free systems.

Surface modifiers
  • Arkema offers a range of Crayvallac® surface modifiers for all types of formulations, mainly based on polyethylene and polypropylene waxes.
  • CRAYVALLAC® WN-1442, WN-1495, WN-2950 (PE) and WN-1135, WN-1535 (PP) under micronised powder forms and CRAYVALLAC® WW-1001 (PE), WW-9500 (PP) water-based dispersions improve the rub, abrasion and scratching resistance and allow to control the slipping and matting effects.
  • The Crayvallac® Flow, polyester or polyacrylate based liquid additives, can be used in a variety of systems to improve the surface appearance and to enhance the substrate wetting. The Crayvallac® Flow range eliminates the suface defects that may appear during the film formation.
  • Universal dispersing agent  : Crayvallac® D801