French company Arkema is a world leader in the development and production of thickeners. Through its renowned CRAYVALLAC® range, Arkema offers numerous high-performance rheological additives and specialty additives for all types of applications: car polish, paint stripper, wood care products….


To thicken your products in solvent or oil-based systems:

  • CRAYVALLAC® Antisettle CVP, hydrogenated castor oil, 100% biosourced,
  • CRAYVALLAC® PA3WDA20 or PA4WDA12, pre-activated polyamide wax pastes.

To increase surface protection:

  • Polyethylene and polypropylene waxes, in the form of micronised powders CRAYVALLAC® WN-1442, WN-1495, WN-2950 (PE) and WN-1135, WN-1535 (PP) or dispersions in water CRAYVALLAC® WW-1001, WW-9500, are recommended, for example, in car polishes and furniture polishes.