Italian compay Mirodur has developed the Turbomill, an exceptional grinder for any liquid product or concentrated paste. The Turbomill’s double-rotation grinding system has been patented since its creation.

Turbomill grinder

The Turbomill is a top-of-the-range vertical mill with a rotating basket that can be used for all types of paints, inks, gelcoats, pigment pastes, etc. of low to high viscosity. Its exceptional grinding performance, productivity, ease of cleaning and low bead consumption make it an essential piece of equipment for your business.

Depending on the Turbomill model, you can grind from 1 to 2000 liters. Turbomills can be used in ATEX zones

  • Turbomill 2HP  : capacity from 1 to 15 liters, built on a tray that can easily be positioned on a laboratory bench.
  • Turbomill 20HP / 20HP Plus : capacity from 50 to 500L.
  • Turbomill 50HP / 50HP Plus : capacity from 180 to 800L.
  • Turbomill 75HP : capacity from 800 to 1500L.
  • Turbomill 150HP : capacity from 800 to 2000L.