Ultramarine Pigments

Ultramarine & Pigments Ltd high-quality Ultramarine Blue (PB29), produced in different shades and according to strict specifications, are available in several series for plastic and masterbatch applications..

  • The standard UPL range meets the vast majority of market needs, whether for coatings or plastics.
  • MarineX series: low moisture content, low Sulphur content, for food contact applications.
  • MarineX HP series: high performance ultramarine blue, excellent colour strength, specific shades, for high quality plastics.
  • Low dust series: developed specifically for ease of handling, in very fine granular powder form, excellent tinting strength.
  • Fiber grade series: Ultramarine blue grades with low filter pressure value recommended for fiber applications.

High-quality, high-purity ultramarine violets and pinks (PV15 and PR259) are also available.

Bismuth Vanadate PY184: high temperature resistance grade for masterbatch applications.