UV Stabilisers and UV Absorbers

Based on different chemistries: Benzotriazole, Triazine, NOR-HALS, NCOR-HALS…. the Eversorb range from Taiwanese company Everlight Chemical, will provide UV protection for all types of coatings: OEM, Refinish, coil coatings, powder coatings, wood varnishes, facade paints, gel coats, etc. The range Eversorb, UV absorbers and UV stabilisers will help maintain coatings’ colour and appearance, and prevent degradation.

  • Eversorb® AQ : Range for water-based coatings, New high-performance grades : AQ10 and AQ11.
  • Eversorb® AS : For poly-aspartic coatings.
  • Eversorb® UP : For Gelcoats and Unsaturated Polyester Resin based Systems
  • Eversorb® UR : For UV curing coatings
  • Eversorb® EP : For Epoxy systems
  • Eversorb® FC1 – FP1 : For fluorescent coatings
  • Eversorb® CP : To protect carbon fiber coatings
  • Eversorb® HP : For hybrid sealants
  • Eversorb® SH : For self-healing coatings
  • EverAox® : range of antioxidants for masterbatch, sealants and adhesives
  • Evertint® : Dyes for PU foam.