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Aluminium pastes and pellets

For the ink industry, Scottish company Metaflake offers specific aluminium pastes and pelletswith low-odour and 100% free of hydrocarbon residue. These products meet the most demanding technical and regulatory requirements : inks for food packaging, inks for cigarettes and other types of inks.

  • Meta-Brite GFX-AD, aluminium pigments in pellet form  : for solvent-based printing inks, excellent metallic effect,  excellent adhesion, high opacity. Ultra-fine grades available.
  • Aqua-Brite GFX-WP, silver-dollar aluminium, easy-to-disperse pellets  :  for water-based inks, high compatibility and excellent gloss.
  • Meta-Brite UV-TDA, aluminium paste in TDA : for UV curing printing inks, excellent stability.