Aluminium pastes

Scottish company Metaflake develops and manufactures high quality aluminium pigments in pellet or paste form for the coatings, inks and plastics industries. Metaflake’s range of Silver Dollar aluminium pigments adds excellent metallic brightness to all your formulations, either water-based or solvent based.

For water-based systems:

  • Aqua-Brite SD, aluminium pastes in water, passivated to prevent gas release. Excellent gloss.
  • Aqua-Brite TD, ultrafine grades for exceptional metallic effects and excellent opacity.
  • Aqua-Brite TD/SD-TCT, aluminum pastes microencapsulated in a water/ethanol blend. High performance.
  • Aqua-Brite TD/SD-TCT-A, excellent stability and chemical resistance. 
  • Aqua-Brite SD/TD-WP, in pellet form, high covering power, excellent metallic effect at lower concentration.

For solvent-based systems:

  • Meta-Brite SD, Non-foaming “Silver Dollars” aluminium paste in WS. High gloss.
  • Meta-Brite TD, based on ultra-fine ” Silver Dollars ” in WS. High opacity.
  • Meta-Brite SD/TD-SP, in a universal VOC-free medium. Excellent compatibility.
  • Powder-Brite, encapsulated aluminium pigments in powder form. Exceptional gloss and chemical resistance.

Metaflake also offers EKO-FLEX, a range of pigments of natural origin, for a stone and marble effect.