Fluorescent and phosphorescent pigments

For plastic applications, Californian company Brilliant has developed some specific fluorescent and phosphorescent pigments in powder form or as liquid dispersions : transparent or opaque grades, liquid dyes for PVC, including a formaldehyde free range.

Child walking in the forest, wearing a backpack lit up by phosphorescent yellow pigments
  • BMS 500 series : Thermoset microspheres, non-migrating fluorescent pigment for EVA, vinyl plastisol and to eliminate plateout in masterbatch
  • BNF series : Non-formaldehyde fluorescent pigments for masterbatch
  • BVC series : Fluorescent vinyl colorant under liquid form, for traffic cones
  • BPP series: Inorganic phosphorescent pigment range with long afterglow. These pigments are very stable at high temperature and are resistant to most chemicals. Different shades are available.