Pigment preparations

Italian company Mifar specialises in the production, research and development of pigment preparations in solid form, also known as ‘chips‘. Mifar offers a comprehensive range of solid pigment preparations in various types of resins for the ink, coatings, and nail polish industries. Colour strength, transparency, brilliance and ease of dispersion are some of the many high quality features of these ranges.

The Dispercos range is made from high-quality pigments pre-dispersed in a soluble nitrocellulose ester and a plasticiser particularly suitable for nail varnishes. Using this range will help you save production time and ensure your products’ quality. Mifar is also able to produce chips to your own specifications.

When added to your nail varnishes, the Dispercos range will provide :

  • high gloss,
  • high colour intensity
  • excellent transparency
  • high colour purity.