Fluorescent and phosphorescent pigments

Californian company Brilliant specialises in the development and manufacturing of fluorescent and phosphorescent pigments in powder and dispersion grades. Specific ranges are offered for each application.

  • The BGP  series: Fluorescent pigments in powder form for aqueous solutions and low-polarity solvents.
  • The BSR series: Fluorescent pigments in powder form, resistant to solvents, for polar systems, paints, aerosols, inks, etc.
  • The BNF 5800 series: Formaldehyde-free fluorescent pigments in very fine powder form for paints, inks, pencils, etc.
  • The BIB2 series: Fluorescent pigment bases for conventional inks and UV inks.
  • The BSTS series: Solvent soluble fluorescent toners for flexo and UV flexo inks.
  • The BFE  series: Formaldehyde-free fluorescent pigment emulsions for textile and water-based flexo inks..
  • The BSTW series: Fluorescent toners for water-based flexo inks.
  • The BPP series: A range of long-lasting inorganic phosphorescent pigments.
  • The BPP-W series: A range of long-lasting inorganic phosphorescent pigments for water-based systems.